Where to Buy Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer Model 95, Fisher Scientific Replacement Accessories Spare Parts?

Feb 6, 2018

Sub Sieve Sizer was first invented and manufactured by Fisher Scientific in USA. HMKTest is also a world leading manufacturer of fisher subsieve sizer. After Fisher Scientific discontinued producing such instrument, HMKTest still continues to research and improve our HMK-22 Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer. Years of investment and research as well as involvement of American specialist make for the satisfying quality and performance of our export type HMK-22 Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer. HMK-22 fisher sub sieve sizer has become best successor of Fisher Model 95. At same time HMKTest offers fisher sub sieve sizer accessories and spare parts  such as sub sieve sizer calibrator(calibration tube), porous plug, sample tube, fisher sub sieve sizer filter paper disc, etc for replacement in Fisher Model 95.

Where to Buy Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer Model 95, Fisher Scientific Replacement Accessories Spare Parts?Aug 26 2017



HMK-22 Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer

HMK-22 Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer

HMK-22 Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer/Average Particle Size Analyzer (FSSS) is an optimal tool for subsieve particle size analysis and has become the best successor of discontinued Fisher Scientific Sub-Sieve Sizer(FSSS) Fisher Model 95. It uses Air Permeability Principle to fast determine the Average Particle Size i.e. Fisher Number of powders. HMK-22 Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer completely meets international standards about fisher sub sieve sizers ASTM B 330 Standard Test Method for Fisher Number of Metal Powders and Related Compounds and ISO 10070 Metallic powders Determination of envelope-specific surface area from the measurements of the permeability to air of a powder bed under steady-state flow conditions. HMK-22 Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer meets the urgent requirement of the industry to find a quality successor to particle sizing technique by air permeability device such as fisher model 95. It gives operators completely same test experience and the results agrees completely with all the tested data obtained by a Fisher Scientific Sub-Sieve Sizer Model 95.





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  2. Larry Drago
    2018/01/06 04:06:28

    Do you have a North American distributor for the following item?

    Model 95, Fisher Scientific Replacement Accessories

    End plugs for the sample tube.

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