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Where to Buy Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer Model 95, Fisher Scientific Replacement Accessories Spare Parts?

Last Update: June 14, 2017

A Sub Sieve Sizer was first invented and manufactured by Fisher Scientific in USA. HMK Test is also a world leading manufacturer of fisher subsieve sizer. After Fisher Scientific discontinued producing such instrument, HMK Test still continues to research and improve our HMK-22 Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer. Years of investment and research as well as involvement of American specialist make for the satisfying quality and performance of our export type HMK-22 Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer. HMK-22 fisher sub sieve sizer has become best successor of Fisher Model 95. At same time HMK Test offers fisher sub sieve sizer accessories and spare parts  such as sub sieve sizer calibrator(calibration tube), porous plug, sample tube, fisher sub sieve sizer filter paper disc, etc for replacement in Fisher Model 95.


HMK-22 Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer

HMK-22 Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer



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