AS-100 Economic Tap Density Tester


AS-100 Economic tap density tester is designed to meet basic requirement on tap density measurement. It consists of a timer, tap assembly, motor and cylinders. AS-100 is designed with fix rotating rate of 300±15 rpm. User needs to set the time of rotating according to the speed. It automatically stops when the time finishes. Calculate the tap density and tap volume to get the tap density of this powder.


Physical property to measure: tap density
Sample loading volume: 5-250 mL
Timer range; 0-99999 sec
Tap height: 3 or 14 mm adjustable
Tap frequency: 300±15 rpm
Measurement: W28 x D24 x H18cm (Cylinder excepted)
Power: 220V/110V/50/60Hz


Measure tap density of bulk powders
110/220V and plug available as per request
Timed working, automatically stop at set time
Double work stations, two samples are tested at the same time
Appearance is exquisite, light weight and size, reasonable structure for easy maintenance
Tap height adjustable from 3 up to 14 mm to meet all standards
Meet accuracy and precision requirement of pharmaceuticals

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