What are the components of the air jet sieving instrument?

The air jet sieving instrument consists of operation panel, sieve plate, standard sieve, nozzle, motor and vacuum cleaner.


Operation Panel now HMK-200 (051598) uses the most advanced touch panel internationally.

The sieve plate is generally adapted to the 8-inch standard sieve, that is, the diameter of 203 mm standard sieve, in the domestic general selection of 200 mm diameter standard sieve through the sealing ring to adapt to international standards and sieve plate. Nozzle can be selected stainless steel, which will greatly enhance its safety and corrosion resistance, so that the HMK-200 air jet sieve more suitable for food, medicine or chemical screening.

The motor directly controls the speed of the nozzle and can be adjusted for different materials.

The vacuum cleaner is used to produce negative pressure and help the air jet sieving.

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