AS-200 Scott Volumeter and LABULK Brand Bulk Density Testers

Last update: Feb 6, 2018


AS-200 Scott volumeter  and Bulk Density Tester Apparent density meter determines bulk density of powders according to

International Standard ISO 3923 – 2 Metallic powders – Determination of apparent density – Part 2: Scott volumeter method.
USP Chapter 616 Bulk Density and Tapped Density of Powders Method II-Measurement in a Volumeter
ASTM B 329 Standard Test Method for Apparent Density of Metal Powders and Compounds Using the Scott Volumeter.

It is applicable to powders including metal powders, compounds, paint, pigment, refractory metals etc.

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Measurement of the mass of a certain quantity of powder which in a loose condition exactly fills a cup of known volume. The loose condition is obtained by using an apparent density tester, when filling the cup, by cascading the powder over a series of inclined plates in a Scott volumeter/Apparent Density Tester. The ratio between the mass and the volume represents the apparent density. This is the definition of the apparent density obtained by apparent density tester.




Apparatus Consists Of

-A machined Top Funnel integrated with a 18-mesh stainless steel screen
A Baffle Box containing 4 glass baffles to disperse the powder during test
A square Bottom Funnel to guide the powder into the receiving density cup
A receiving Cylindrical Density Cup with calibrated volume 25.00±0.03 ml
A receiving Square Density Cup with calibrated volume 16.39±0.05 ml (optional)
A Stand to support the top funnel and baffle box. There is a flexible pin on the stand pole to control the baffle box up and down in order to realize the required height between the square funnel and the density cup

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It is applicable to powders including metal powders, compounds, paint, pigment, refractory metals etc. that will not flow freely through a 5 mm orifice (see ISO 3923-1)


HMK Test is a world leading and reliable manufacturer of Scott Volumeters. All the metallic parts are processed and supplied by qualified subcontractor according to International Standards in order to make the unit accurate and robust to satisfy the user’s requirement at cost-effective basis.

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  5. Tess Sibcy
    2017/09/22 02:15:14

    My company is interested in purchasing a bulk density apparatus and were wondering if the apparatus requires yearly calibration. Thank you!

    2017/10/15 16:59:58

    Please send us the comprehensive quotation for AS-200 Scott Volumeter (Bulk Density Testers) on C&F Karachi-Pakistan BY-AIR BASIS. Kindly also send us the comprehensive technical product catalog with all supporting literature (e.g: certifications, standards/methods, technical drawings, manuals etc).

    Waiting for your earliest response.

  7. Jack Ohayon
    2018/01/15 23:09:31


    We are a distributor in the USA. Looking for price and availability for

    1 each of AS-200 Scott Volumeter

    1 each of LABULK 0335 Intelligent tapped density tester

    Please email me asap

    Thank you

  8. mary taylor
    2018/02/06 04:12:25

    My Nutritional Science is interested in purchasing the AS-200 Scott Volumeter & Bulk Density tester. Can you send specs for the equipment and a price sheet. I teach at a public university in Arkansas. Thank you.

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