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LABULK 314 ISO 8460 Instant Coffee Bulk Density Apparatus

Last update: June 17, 2017

tap density tester –  bulk density test apparatus


LABULK 314 Instant Coffee Free-flow Bulk Density Tester measures the bulk density of instant coffee. It consists of stainless steel funnel, stainless steel measuring receptacle. The volume of measuring receptacle is calibrated. LABULK 314 completely conforms to ISO 8460 Instant coffee—Determination of free-flow and compacted bulk densities.




2016-05-18 instant coffee bulk density
2015-0505 instant coffee bulk density principle


-Funnel, stainless steel, ISO
-Measuring receptacle, cylindrical, stainless steel, 205mL, volume calibrated
-Spatula, stainless steel
-Balance, accurate to 0.1 g, optional

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