The principle of planetary ball mill

Planetary Ball Mill is aimed at crushing, grinding, dispersed metal, non-metallic, organic, herbal and other powder design, especially suitable for laboratory research and use, its working principle is to use abrasive and test material in the grinding tank high speed tumbling, the material produced strong shearing, impact, crushing to crush, grinding, dispersing, emulsifying materials. The planetary ball mill is fitted with four ball mills on the same turntable, and when the turntable rotates, the ball mill can rotate around the turntable axis while also circling its axis, making planetary motions. The grinding ball in the tank collides with each other in the high speed movement, grinds and mixes the sample. The product can be used dry, wet two methods of grinding and mixing of different particle size, materials, the minimum granularity of abrasive products can be up to 0.1 microns. Can be very good to achieve a variety of process parameters, at the same time because of its small batch, low-power, Low-cost advantages, is the school, research units, companies are the crushing process, new materials, paint research the preferred equipment.


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