SIEVEA 504 Tappi T233cm-95 and SCAN M6 Paper Bauer Fiber Classifier

Bauer Fiber Classifier

The Bauer Fiber classifier is an instrument for pulp and paper laboratory to determine the length of the heavy-staple fiber of the pulps by sieving method. Used to measure the proportion of different lengths of fiber in pulp, and to master the distribution of various lengths of fiber in slurry. This machine conforms to GB/T 2678.1-1993 Sieving experiment method, also conforms to the Tappi T233 the Sieving method experiment, and satisfies the Nordic scan M6 (10g sample, the flow 15min, the flow velocity 10l Min) The experimental method. Principle: The pulp suspension liquid is injected into the sieving device, each sieve container is fitted with a sieve, the container is stepped, and when the pulp suspension flows from one container to the other, the pulp with different fiber lengths is retained on different screens, and the fiber length of the remaining pulp is consistent with the mesh size of the sieve plate. At a certain flow speed, screening after a certain time. After collecting the fiber on each sieve plate, drying, constant weight, according to the amount of fiber remaining on the mesh, the quality percentage of the sample is reported.


1. Sieve grading Number: Level 4
2. Screen Mesh: (Factory selection Medium): Tyler screen number 14, 28 mesh, 48 mesh, 100 eyes
3. Sieving Capacity: 10 liters (the volume of a single classifier)
4. Agitator speed: (580) min
5. Water flow: 2 18l Min Adjustable (according to the standard adjustment used in the experiment)
6. Sieving time: 1999Min can be adjusted (according to the standard adjustment of the experiment)
7. Main Material: 304 stainless Steel
8. Overall Size: 1780mm (Long) X520mm (wide) X1680mm (high)
9. Net Weight: 130Kg
10. Water Status: Need for continuous water supply
11. Power supply: 240w 380v
12. Common screen (recommended):
13. Long fiber, Tyler screen number: 10 mesh, 14 mesh, 28 mesh, 48 mesh.
14. Medium, Tyler Screen number (factory selection): 14 Mesh, 28 mesh, 48 mesh, 100 mesh.
15. Short fiber, Tyler screen number: 28 Mesh, 48 mesh, 100 mesh, 150 mesh or 200 mesh.


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