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July 13, 2017

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SIEVEA 501 Test sieve shaker Lab sieve is widely used in Inspection Departments such as laboratory and quality control room.It is used to determine the particle size distribution of granules and bulk powder material. It can also be used to measure and analyze the product impurity content and liquid solids content. SIEVEA 501 features compact, low noise, high efficiency and accuracy. Multiple high-frequency vibration output by quality new power generator contributes to highly efficient screening and determination of materials. Electronic delay is used to according to different materials to realize different working hours in order to minimize the test error and ensure the consistency of sample analysis data. Such device makes an accurate judgment on the quality of products.



-SIEVEA 501 is small and light in size. It works smoothly without noise. Good airtight performance prevents the powder getting inside. It works with very high sieving performance.

-Multi-layer standard test sieve feature flexible movement and original design gives SIEVEA 501 a safe and reliable continuous operation.

-Highly-precise screening contributes to very accurate test results. It is has become the best sieving equipment in determining particle shape, particle size distribution and other relevant inspections.

Demo Video

Test Sieve Shaker

SIEVEA 501 Test Sieve Shaker is widely used in production, laboratory, quality control in applications of metallurgy, powder, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, geology, national defense etc.

Other Type of Sieve Shaker
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