HMK-CD7 Particle Size Shape and Image Analysis Software and System

Last Update: Nov 6, 2017

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HMK-CD7 Image particle size analyzer uses technologies of particle system microscope imaging and image analysis in order to obtain particle size distribution and many geological parameters. It features high automation, fast test speed. The results are abundantly expressed and are very intuitive to the operator. It completely meets international standards ISO 13322 Particle size analysis – Image analysis methods – Part 1 Static image analysis methods. It has become a best tool in particle size analysis applications.






– Size range: 1-3,500 micrometer
– Resolution: 0.1 micrometer
– Analysis Results
– Differential particle size distribution (histogram and curve)
– Cumulative particle size distribution (histogram and curve)
– Average particle size,
– Aspect ratio etc.

– Repeatability: <=1%
– Power: 220/110V 50 Hz 20W
– Connection Port: USB
– Operating system: Windows

Abrasives, Adhesives, Agrochemical, Barite, Batteries, Bentonite, Boron Carbide, Brucite, Bubble, Calcite, Calcium Carbonate, Carbon Black, Catalysts, Cement, Ceramics, Chemicals, Clay, Coal, Coatings, Corundum, Cosmetics, Diamond Powder, Dolomite, Diatomite, Emulsion, Environmental, Explosives, Ferrite, Flour, Fluorescent, Fluorite, Food & Beverage, Food Additive, Graphite, Grinding, Inks, Kaolin, Medicine, Metal Powder, Mica, Milling, Minerals, Oxides, Paints, Paper, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals, Pigments, Plaster, Plastics, Polymers, Quartz, Refractory, Resins, Silica, Slurries, Soil Sediments, Starch, Sulfur, Synthetics, Talc, Toners, Tourmaline, Wollastonite, Zeolite, Zirconium Silicate etc

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