HMK19 Vibrating screen Vibration screen Screening machine Sieving equipment

Feb 6, 2018

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Vibrating screen/Vibration screen is a kind of screening machine/sieving machine being widely used in various industries.
The powder moves at certain angle with the screen cloth on the vibrating screen/vibration screen, such movement helps the powders in the screening machine divide into multiple layers in order to prevent the mesh being blocked by the particles.The vibration screen/vibrating screen makes the particles strongly vibrate in small vibration amplitude(normally 0.5-5mm) at high vibrating frequency(600-3000/min) in order to avoid mesh being blocked and optimize the screening efficiency and sieving efficiency. Vibration screen/vibrating screen consumes small power with simple structure and easy maintenance.
HMK series screening machine and vibrating screen/vibration screen have been widely used not only for fine sieve, but also in applications of medium and crude screening. Also they are capable of separation operations such as dehydration and desliming.

HMK-19 Vibrating screen/Vibration screen(CAT NO.050298) is a kind of screening machine using vertical motor as excitation source two eccentric weights are mounted on both top and bottom of the motor, such design divide the rotary motion of the motor into three dimensional motion i.e. level motion, vertical motion and inclined motion. Such motion is then passed to the mesh cloth. Phase angle on top and bottom are adjustable in order to change the motion of the material on the sieve surface. It is also called vibro energy separator.


  • – HMK19 Vibrating screen Vibration screen Screening machine Sieving machine features Small size, light weight, easy to move
  • – The direction of the discharge port can be flexibly adjusted, both coarse and fine powders can be automatically excluded
  • – High precision, high efficiency, applicable to any powders, granules, mucus etc.
  • Mesh is not subject to block, the powder is not subject to flying, up to 500 mesh (28 micrometer)
  • – Unique grid design, robust screen cloth and easy and fast replacement as fast as 3 to 5 minutes, easy to operate, easy to clean
  • – No mechanical movement, easy maintenance, single or multiple tier are available as per user’s requirement.


  • – Food industry
    Flour, milk powder, powdered sugar, salt, milk, egg powder, starch, spices, dextrin, fruit juices, beverages, rice, soy sauce, yeast mixture, pineapple juice, fish meal and so on.
  • – Chemical industry
    Resin powder, paint, industrial chemicals, cosmetics, paint, powder, PVC resin powder, citric acid, polyethylene powder, washing powder and so on.
  • – Metal, Mining and Metallurgy
    Aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore alloy powder, welding rod powder, manganese dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, electric magnetic materials, abrasive powder, refractory materials, kaolin, lime, alumina, heavycalcium carbonate, quartz sand, etc.;
  • – Pharmaceutical industry
    Chinese herb powder, liquid, medicine liquid, pharmaceutical intermediates etc.
  • – Abrasive ceramics metallurgical industry
    Quartz sand, alumina, mud, kaolin, synthetic black aluminum, spray soil particles, silicon carbide, iron, silicon carbide, lead powder, titanium dioxide and so on.
  • – Nuisance processing
    Waste oil, waste water, dyeing and finishing wastewater, additives, activated carbon, etc..




In case user has his particular requirements please feel free to let us know and we will quote reasonable price.

vibrating screen vibration screen screening machine

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